November 11, 2021

Version 2.2.2 Now Available

Version 2.2.2 of Simple Feature Requests is now available. Please review the changelog below for more information.

Important Note: Due to changes in the way filters are displayed on the Requests archive, users should visit Requests > Settings > General and save the settings once after updating to ensure all filters are displayed as desired.

[new] Added ability to organize requests by board, allowing multiple boards per site [pro]
[new] Added ability to rename 'Request' and 'Requests' to any other applicable label, e.g. 'Report' and 'Reports' [pro]
[update] Added setting to hide default entry title on single request view
[update] Added options to select heading tags for single request titles and archive request titles
[update] Added filters for all SFR redirects
[fix] Corrected the presence of non-unique IDs on SFR form fields
[fix] Corrected fatal error on Easy Digital Downloads receipt page