Simple Feature Requests for WordPress

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How to Gather User Feedback Without Spending $1,000s

Collect and manage user feedback using your existing WordPress website. Prioritize the product features important to you and your customers.

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Honestly, is this really the best way to collect user feedback?

It can be time-consuming and expensive to keep track of what your users truly want from your product. You really have only a couple of options.

Try Simple Feature Requests Instead
Feature Requests via Spreadsheet are Time Consuming
Option #1

Manually updating spreadsheets?

Using a spreadsheet for this kind of task starts off being convenient, but it soon takes its toll in time and money. Here’s why:

  • Inefficient
    You're spending time updating spreadsheets rather than improving your product.
  • Cumbersome
    It's easy for your data to become corrupt and for votes to go missing.
  • Lack of votes
    With no simple way to cast a vote, your users simply won't do it.
Option #2

Spending $1,000s on 3rd-Party Software?

SaaS alternatives seem tempting at first, but the costs soon add up; and who owns the data? Here’s what you’re up against:

  • Expensive
    Solutions like UserVoice or Canny soon add up, starting at $50/month for 100 users.
  • Disconnected
    Most 3rd-party solutions are hosted separately to your main website, often with restrictive styling opportunities.
  • No Control
    With a 3rd-party solution, you're not in control of your own data.
Avoid Expensive and Time-Consuming Feature Request Software

Doing Things This Way Is Costing You Time and Money

If you stick to doing things like above, then you will definitely experience some, if not all, of these issues:

  • Expensive monthly costs.
  • Tedious and time-consuming data collection and analysis.
  • Not enough requests to truly make qualified product decisions.

Get Feature Requests on Your WordPress Site in 5 Minutes

You can get a feature requests board set up on your site in 5 minutes with Simple Feature Requests, and at a minimal cost.

Get Started With Simple Feature Requests
Easily Submit Feature Requests in WordPress
Step #1

Ask Your Users to Submit a Feature Request

Send your product users to the feature requests board on your WordPress site and ask them to submit, or vote on, a feature request. They’ll automatically see any other relevant requests as they type, so you can be sure to avoid duplicate requests.

ℹ️ Can I change the URL of the feature requests board?

Yes, you can set the URL of your feature requests to any page in your WordPress website.

Step #2

Give requests the appropriate status

As requests come in, give them a status and notify the request author and voters about status updates. No need to try and remember every user who ever asked for a feature; they’ll be emailed automatically!

ℹ️ Can I create my own request statuses?

Yes, you can create your own statuses using a code snippet. We’d be happy to help.

Prioritize Feature Requests
Step #3

Prioritise requests and begin development

Prioritize feature requests based on the number of votes they are receiving and the ease of implementing the request into your product.

ℹ️ Will my users be notified when a status changes?

Yes, an email will be sent whenever a status changes. You can choose to send it to the author and/or the voters of the request.

Step #4

Display a roadmap of your feature development

Create a roadmap for your product based on request statuses of your choosing. Now your customers know exactly what’s happening with your product without you having to lift a finger.

ℹ️ Can I choose which statuses to display on the roadmap?

Yes, you can choose the statuses, change the number of requests displayed, and configure the number of columns.

Feature Requests Roadmap in WordPress

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Nice and simple way to track feature requests for our plugins. Great job! Recommended.
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