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3 votes

Change notification email address

Can we have a setting where we enter a different notification recipient (or even multiple emails) other than the site admin?

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4 votes

Link feature requests to a product

WooCommerce and EDD products are normal WP posts, so this could also read "Link a feature request to another post". I have multiple products and want to separate the requests for each product without abusing the Category taxonomy. I think this has the following aspects: 1. In Admin we need to link every request to […]

6 votes


moderator who can admin requests instead of WPadmin.

1 comment
5 votes

Don't move cursor to end of "Your request" field on key-presses

The field updates when non-printable keys are pressed, which makes editing a title quite difficult. The field also re-focuses itself when blurred if the spinner had not stopped before the field was blurred. Hopefully this is clear, but if not I can try to clarify.

In Development 2 comments
4 votes

dark mode

it would be great if dark mode was supported

Candidate 1 comment
3 votes

Filter by "My Votes"

Allow users to filter by requests they've voted on, including completed/declined requests.

Started 0 comments
2 votes

Multiple votes per request

Enable the ability to assign more than one vote to a feature request.

Candidate 0 comments

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