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Multiple Feature Request Boards per Site

The ability to have multiple feature request boards per website. That way if you develop multiple softwares, each product can have its own feature request board.

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3 votes

Change notification email address

Can we have a setting where we enter a different notification recipient (or even multiple emails) other than the site admin?

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4 votes

Link feature requests to a product

WooCommerce and EDD products are normal WP posts, so this could also read "Link a feature request to another post". I have multiple products and want to separate the requests for each product without abusing the Category taxonomy. I think this has the following aspects: 1. In Admin we need to link every request to […]

6 votes


moderator who can admin requests instead of WPadmin.

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7 votes

Don't move cursor to end of "Your request" field on key-presses

The field updates when non-printable keys are pressed, which makes editing a title quite difficult. The field also re-focuses itself when blurred if the spinner had not stopped before the field was blurred. Hopefully this is clear, but if not I can try to clarify.

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6 votes

dark mode

it would be great if dark mode was supported

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