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Allow guests to post a request

Make it possible for guest users to add a request without needing to login/register.
Planned jamesckemp shared this idea

7 responses to “Allow guests to post a request”

  1. Mpivon says:

    Yes, this is okay. The benefit of registration is that they can follow the progress of their submission. If they do not register then they can’t vote; or voting is restricted by IP and they can only vote once for an idea. But the IP thing also challenges the privacy thing so it’s delicate.

  2. Andi101 says:

    Logically the request would be moderated first, just as a normal comment.

  3. ozy says:

    Yes, that will be great to allow users to vote without creating an account.

  4. mattcrossette says:

    I just created a request for this but didn't realize it already existed.

  5. alex says:

    Is there any update on this one?

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