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4 votes

Merge votes

Understandably, a user won't look past the first page of feature requests, hence, the probability is high that a duplicate/similar request will be posted. Merging a request to an existing one, will allow the user to be notified about 1) the merge 2) status updates on the other (prior) request. Thanks

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4 votes

Multiple Feature Request Boards per Site

The ability to have multiple feature request boards per website. That way if you develop multiple softwares, each product can have its own feature request board.

4 votes


moderator who can admin requests instead of WPadmin.

3 votes

Link feature requests to a product

WooCommerce and EDD products are normal WP posts, so this could also read "Link a feature request to another post". I have multiple products and want to separate the requests for each product without abusing the Category taxonomy. I think this has the following aspects: 1. In Admin we need to link every request to […]


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