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4 votes

Elementor Compatibility

Would be nice to be Elementor compatible since it has some glitches when using the shortcode in Elementor widget and template

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2 votes

Allow User roles different access control

Hello. I would like a way for based on our User Roles we are allowed different control options. For example, if a user is a Paid Member, they can add in Feature Requests. But, if they are non-paid they can view feature requests and upvote/downvote. Or another option is depending on their user role they […]

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6 votes

Implement webhooks

This would make integration with other services much easier. Specific examples of use cases should be posted as comments on this request.

Category: Feature Request 1 comment
3 votes

Reject / complete request with comment

It would save a step if we could decline a feature request with a "decline reason" (aka a comment) that gets sent out to the author any voters. Also being able to complete a request with a comment (like... "this will be released in today's update" kind of thing). So, even better would be a […]

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6 votes

Opt-In for registration

Since we are a company in the EU, it is mandatory for us to have a Opt-In-Option before registering a new user to this tool It would be fair enough to disable the "Register"-Button until the user validates the checkbox. An option like that in the Settings of the tool would be great.

6 votes

Translation support

It would be nice if one can contribute to the translation of the plugin

5 votes

Add Comments from Main Feature Request Page

Ability to add comments to a feature request without having to click through to another page altogether. The best example I could give of how the future could work is where the enter comment / feedback field expands below the feature request instead of taking the individual to an entirely different page.


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