Collect user feedback
in WordPress

Collect and manage user feedback using your existing WordPress website. Prioritize the product features important to you and your customers.
user voting

Validated ideas for your product

With voting and discussion for every idea, you can quickly identify trends in feature requests to help guide your product development.
Prioritize feature requests by letting your customers submit and vote for them
Don't waste time on features no one wants
Start a conversation around feature requests for your product
Validate product ideas with user voting in WordPressBuild your product roadmap in WordPress
true insight

Prioritize your product roadmap.

Transparency in development can go a long way. With the Roadmap feature, it's easy to let customers know what's coming next.
Focus on features which are important to your customers
Easily let your customers see which features are being worked on

Want to see how it works?

We use Simple Feature Requests to gather feedback for... Simple Feature Requests! Check out how it works over on our Feature Requests page.

There's more to Simple Feature Requests

All the features you need, and nothing you don't.

Unlimited Requests

Your customers want to be heard, so why make it difficult?


See which feature requests matter by collecting votes on them.

Filter, Sort, Search

It's easy for your customers to find and vote on requests.


Plenty of feature request statuses available, or add more with Pro.


Organize requests into categories - perfect when you sell multiple products.

Custom Statuses

Add your own custom statuses to cover all the possibilities.


Notify request authors and voters when the status changes.

Image Uploads

Allow customers to upload images with their feature requests.

Don’t just take our word for it

Here's what our customers are saying.
“It’s already saved me a ton of time. I’d highly recommend this plugin to anyone running a product-based business online.”
Jack Arturo
“Nice and simple way to track feature requests for our plugins. Great job! Recommended.”
“This plugin is great and has been rock solid and the developer is responsive to changes and updates. Love it!”
Multiverse Media Group

it's time to stop guessing

Easily identify the most requested features for your product with Simple Feature Requests.
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